day 38.

. . .day 8 of Sacred Power of the Goddess. Today was the day of Lord Shiva & flow is the theme.

“Shiva is known as the destroyer, the lord of transformation and the patron god of Yoga.” (taken from the Sacred Power of the Goddess program from My Yoga Online)

This was an awesome routine. My body felt as though it was working even though this was a nice rhythmic flow of movement. It had wonderful repetition which I enjoy sometimes because I am able to just flow & not have to look up at the screen to double check I just understood what pose we are doing as they announce them in Sanskrit from time to time & let’s face it- I am no at all fluent. The “dance,” of Shiva poses that the instructor incorporated were super & at first challenging for my balance, but after I connected my breath to the movements it was fun. The instructor had such a soothing voice & I will be bookmarking her name as she was inspiring. I didn’t check to see what the duration of this video was before I started & it flew by being as it was 43 minutes long.

Check it out! Day 8 Sacred Power of the Goddess- Shiva Flow with Faith Hunter.

day 37.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! =] Typically Leif & I would go for a hike but it has been snowing since around 9ish this morning so I doubt we’ll take E out in this icky weather. Last night we hooked the bike trailer up for the first time & tried it out. E rode behind Leif’s bike & I followed on mine as we cruised around for a bit, stopped at a park, & headed back on home. She loved it as I was hoping she would so that we can utilize it this summer & not drive the van so much.

Today in the Sacred Power of the Goddess the theme is radiate! This practice was focused on the Goddess Lakshmi. She represents abundance & beauty. This practice has wonderful twists as to correlate with a story about Lakshmi. For the first time in awhile I felt a wonderful stretch in my legs during downward dog, this was after the first set of twists in this video & after working the right side of my body the instructor mentioned that you might feel your right leg is longer than your left & by golly I did. Usually I rush my twists a bit too much but I was mindful during this practice to take them slow & it paid off. Once again I fell asleep during Shavasana for a few minutes.

There was also a reading to go along with today as there are most days, but this one is entitled “”A Reminder: You Have the Body of a Goddess.” It was an incredible read. I highly suggest it to you Goddesses!

Link to day 7 of Sacred Power of the Goddess: Radiate with Lakshmi Flow Yoga

day 36.

Day 36 for me & day 6 of the Sacred Power of the Goddess from My Yoga Online. Today’s theme was “connect.” There were two videos one telling about the goddesses: Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati. That was an extremely interesting talk & I enjoyed learning. Leif reminded me that Kali was referenced in Indiana Jones. Ha!

The video was challenging. Leif joined my for a bit, but like me was getting discouraged with the Lizard poses. It took awhile for my brain to connect how she was doing the variations. That is one downside about videos- you don’t have the instructor right there to guide you through your ignorance so you get to ride the struggle bus until you keeping trying. Eventually it made sense what she was doing & I continued with the video & benefited from the variations of the Lizard pose. I really did like this video & found it refreshing that there was no downward dog or plank. I think someone even mentioned that in the comments. Those two poses are wonderful, but it was really great to try something different & come in to Namaskarasana as that I feel replaced those two poses.

Click here to check out the video for day 6 of the Sacred Power of the Goddess!

day 35.

Today’s practice guide was centered around Ganesha the Gatekeeper. Ya know, the elephant head boy! I fully enjoyed this video as the instructor gave a little information about Ganesha at the beginning of it so I didn’t even have to go hunting for who the heck this dude was! The routine was awesome! It was work but also gentle & flowing. This was the first male instructor I actually enjoyed following along with. I know that probably sounds extremely sexist of me & I don’t mean it to be that way at all. He was calm & confident so it was a joy to practice with him. I just typically seem to gravitate towards videos that are instructed by women. Do you have a preference?

Seeing as the video had so much information I really won’t go too in depth with any additional blah blah so you can check it out!

Link to video: Ganesha the Gatekeeper Day 5

day 34.

Gorgeous day out today! Well, to me it is. E & I filled up our bird feeders & I raked our yard a bit so she can play in it without me freaking out that she might pick up a dog turd or something. She’ll probably still find one & try to eat it as that is Murphy’s Law of being a Toddler.

Back to Sacred Power of the Goddess. Today is day 4 & empower is our goal of the day with Goddess Kali. “Kali is the goddess of empowerment and change,” as is the description that went along with the day’s video. The web link I found & attached above for Goddess Kali is interesting & one of the most descriptive I think. Plus it has lots of pictures! 

The video for today was fun! It was a dance with a bit of yoga & although I felt extremely silly doing it, I just let go towards the middle & had fun with it! Sometimes you have to not take yourself so seriously & roar like a lioness! =]

Here’s the link & ROOOOAAAARRRRRR: Day 4: Kali